2 Reasons Cats Sleep So Much

why cats sleep so much

Some people might say that cats are lazy creatures because they mostly just sleep all day.

But the truth is, cats have a lot of reasons for taking lots of naps.

In fact, there are actually some pretty amazing benefits to all that kitty slumbering!

So if you’ve ever wondered why your feline friend can be so sleepy, read on to learn more about cats’ sleep habits and why they’re so important.

1. Is Your Cat a Nocturnal Creature?

Some cats sleep during the day because they are active during the night! Street cats hunt during the night, and they use a lot of energy that they need to recover during the daytime.

A domestic cat may also have these instincts so it can spend the night hunting imaginary mice.

You might not even be aware that your cat pulled an all-nighter because you were happily asleep in your warm bed!

When it comes to biorhythm, cats do not differ from people. They have a set sleeping schedule.

Some may sleep at night and be awake during the day, as people.

Others prefer vice-versa schedules and may only be active in the morning or evening.

2. The Cat Might Be Bored

When they have no mental stimulation, interesting toys, or companions for playing with, cats get bored!

Also, it is in a cat’s nature to lose interest soon and nap often.

If your cat’s sleeping schedule is bothering you, try to bring joy and fun to your cat’s life.

A catio, an outdoor structure for a cat to play and hang out, might be a good idea.

It will keep the cat engaged and physically active for hours. In addition, provide climbing shelves for the cat to maintain its natural climbing instincts sharp!

A simple way to keep the cat active is toys! Occasionally, switch toys, and choose ones that will boost the hunting skills of your cat, such as fish-and-rod toys, mice toys,

Learn which type of toys your cat prefers and buy more of them in different colors and textures.

It will fight boredom, and your cat will spend more hours playing than sleeping!

Your Cat is A Predator

If everything is okay with your cat, don’t worry if she spends around 20 hours sleeping!

Cats are natural predators, and sleeping might be a way to conserve energy for (imaginary) hunting!

So really, you don’t have to worry about your cat if it’s sleeping too much and doesn’t have any symptoms.

It’s just in their nature!

Sudden Change in Sleeping Schedule Might Be A Sign of Stress

If the number of hours your cat spends sleeping during the day suddenly increases, it might be a sign that something is off.

Watch your pet’s behavior for additional symptoms to determine if the cat is stressed.

Sometimes, cats will only hang out with one family member and show discomfort when surrounded by others.

It might start to act anxious when you’re gone. These and increased sleeping might be coping tools for the stressed or scared cat.

Visit your vet and ask for a recommendation for a veterinary behaviorist.

Spend more time cuddling with your pet to help her feel loved and relaxed.

Use catnip to help calm and relax.

Is the Cat Sick?

The vet will help rule out the medical conditions which cause increased sleeping.

When the cat is not feeling well, she will spend most of the time on the bed, sleeping or laying down without energy.

You might mistake resting for sleeping. Anyway, if the cat doesn’t eat well and seems more irritated than usual, sleeps more, it is time for a check-up.

Additionally, if your cat gained too much weight, it might make her feel uncomfortable and less active.

Why cats sleep so much

Final Thoughts

It’s a mystery why cats sleep so much. But the truth is, they do need their rest!

To make sure your cat stays happy and healthy, give them plenty of space to roam around, as well as a nice comfy bed or pillow that they can curl up on whenever they decide to sleep.

Whether you’re an owner looking to take better care of your feline friend or just have questions about how much time cats should spend sleeping each day, we want to hear from you!

Let us know what brought you here, and if there’s anything else we can answer for you, drop a line below!

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