4 Reasons Why A Yearly Veterinary Checkup Is The Best Way To Keep Your Pet Healthy!

Easy ways to improve your pet’s quality of life! Pet ownership is more than just a privilege – it is a responsibility. While pet owners spend ample time and money purchasing elaborate outfits, accessories, and toys for their pets, what truly matters is when owners take the initiative to install healthy habits and routines that […]

5 Tips On Coping With Pet Loss & 5 Ideas To Memorialize Your Pet

5 Tips On Coping With Pet Loss When a pet dies, it can be a devastating blow for every member of the family.  They are more than just pets; they are your family.  However, moving on from the grief can be very difficult.  The special bond between people and their pets can never be broken, but when […]

Tools You Need to Groom Your Dog & Have Them Looking Paw-fect!

  With the summer at its hottest, you might be worried about parasites attacking your dog’s fur. While some dogs need a yearly trim to stay safe from diseases, others would require regular grooming. One of the things to consider however is that you might be risking your dog’s health if you give it a […]

6 Tips for Encouraging Positive Pet Behavior

Whether a dog or cat, pets can be your best friends, and why should they not be? The amount of love and affection they shower on us is immeasurable! But, loving a pet doesn’t really mean we should let them do what they want. Just like toddlers, pets need to be taught about the difference […]

Tips On Submitting Great Pictures Of Your Pet For Your Pawlywood Pet Product!

Although you don’t have to be a professional photographer or have professional pictures taken, there are a few tips that the Pawlywood Pets team has put together to help you on uploading the picture for your Pawlywood Pets product. A smartphone picture will work just fine and you can search “dog” in your photos app […]

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