Custom Pet Plush Stuffed Animal Look-Alike Of Your Pet


A Stuffed Animal Of Your Beloved Pet!

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet that you want to remember and stay with you forever? If you are, then this product is a must-have for you. How would you like to have a stuffed animal of your beloved pet?

Our custom pet plush stuffed animal is a pet replica, a keepsake to remember your pet by. Our custom dog stuffed animal is 100% unique. We have remarkable designers who can design replicas of your beloved pets. These customized stuffed animals are paw-fect gift ideas, too!

For $159.99 – $175.99, you can get a customized clone of your pet. It even has additional features. You can have a recordable stuffed animal for an additional charge of $10.00, where you can add a voice recorder with a loving message for your pet or its bark or meow. You can also add a memory pouch to your dog replica, which can hold your dog’s ashes or any small sentimental items of your pet – a collar perhaps, a dog tag, or a small toy – anything to remind you of your pet.  

We try to make every stuffed animal resemble our clients’ pets as closely as possible, depending on the dog type, the photos our clients upload, and artistic interpretation. Show your love and care for your pets and how important they are to you through our customized stuffed animals – works of art to remember your pets by!

NOTE: We can only accept dogs & cats at this time.


? 1. Select if you would like to upgrade your stuffed pet animal to have a Memory Pouch.  A zippered pouch for memories of your pet.  We can only accommodate 1 pouch per stuffed animal.  This is the perfect place to store some of your pet’s ashes or other sentimental items. $10.00 additional feature (optional)

? 2. Select if you would like to add a voice recorder.  Record any custom sound: a loving message, your dog’s bark, or cat’s meow.$10.00 additional feature (optional) 

? 3. Upload your pictures – Please upload a few pictures of your pet from all angles (front, left side, right side, and back). This is so that our graphic designer will have a good reference point for their design.

? 4. In the NOTE section please send your information in list form answering the questions below (you can copy and paste and then just answer the questions) and please send at the time of purchase or within 24 hours of purchase.

Pet’s Name:
Pet’s Breed (optional; leave blank if unsure):
Posture: Standing, Sitting, or Laying
Mouth Shape: Mouth closed, mouth showing tongue
Ear Shape: Down or up

? 5. Within 7-14 days you will receive an email with your proof to review.  You have an opportunity to make two revisions before we start production.  These are custom stuffed animals that are 100% unique based on the photos/pictures you upload.

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